Supply Chain

Supply ChainFull Visibility… Integrated Supply Chain Solutions … Customized for All Your Global Supply Chain Management Challenges

International Express Shipping (IES) solves supply chain critical lead-time challenges by offering a suite of international logistics services that are tailored to each customer’s needs. Through a wide array of services, designed to ensure smooth movement of your shipments, we match your requirements whether price or speed is the issue.

With our global reach through IES-Network of partners, local knowledge and cultural awareness, as well as leveraging best practice tips from supply chains moving a wide range of cargoes and the versatility of our web-based e-ShipExpress system, we are uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Since Supply Chains have become more critical and demand shorter transit times, we utilize premium carriers with established routings. Our experienced professionals can provide you with the widest range of options for the most competitive and reliable supply chain management solutions. We are ready to route your goods to and from almost any point in the world to your satisfaction.

We specialize in the retail industry by integrating our hands-on e-ShipExpress system with modern networks of warehousing, consolidation, cross docking and distribution facilities. Combined with our domestic and international transportation services your orders are ultimately delivered seamlessly to your customers on time by using the most cost-effective practices available.

Supply Chain Visibility and management – IES solves Supply Chain challenges by offering a suite of international Logistics Services that are tailor made for each customer. It is designed for customers seeking to outsource complete Supply Chain Management or part of it for their products. Our Supply Chain Management services comprise optimization of the flow of products and related information by linking our transportation solutions (ocean, trucking, rail, barge and air) with other complementary services:

  • Purchase order management
  • Receiving, storage, handling and shipping
  • 24/7 Live product tracking
  • Exception management
  • Planning and forecasting
  • Inventory management and management reports
  • Domestic distribution
  • Order fulfillment (labeling, pick & pack, re-palletize, etc.)
  • Light production (kitting, assembly, repairing, refurbishing, re-boxing, etc.)
  • Returns management (testing, RMA, advance shipment, etc.)
  • Quality control (QA, inspections, etc.)
  • Safety and Security (24 hours burglar and fire alarm – monitored by police and fire departments)
  • Just in time inventory control (bar coding/scanning, serialized tracking, etc.)
  • EDI integration (data processing, online balance check, download, etc.)

Because there are so many steps involved in getting materials or products from the supplier to the buyer, there are many opportunities for things to go wrong. Every error is potentially an expensive one, in terms of time, labor, money, customer satisfaction and, ultimately, competitive position in the marketplace. IES provides real-time information on where your goods are to fend off any potential production problems. Being able to get up to the minute order status is one way to more efficiently manage production efforts.

Our web-based e-ShipExpress tools help cut costs by automating the processes of booking shipments, keeping our customers informed timely with accurate and complete Logistics information, and making sure goods arrive on time; as well as coordinating customs, warehousing, shipping and delivery, and automatically providing status and documentation to all parties to a shipment. A collaborative web-based Logistics Management and Supply Chain Solutions designed to optimize teamwork efforts for prompt and reliable movement of goods from one party to another.

Bottom line quality Supply Chain Solutions to reduce transportation costs, lower inventory, improve on-time deliveries, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and speed cash collection cycles.

Refrigerated & Climate-Controlled Cargo – At IES we go a step beyond the standard transportation of commodities for those who require refrigeration and special handling. From the fields to the marketplace, each of us has a vital role to play in getting products to the market (and ultimately to the consumer) safely, efficiently, and with minimum loss of product quality. By working together, we can reach our common goal of bringing quality products to consumers all over the world.

Commodities Shipped Refrigerated – A wide variety of commodities is shipped under refrigeration, including:

Meats, Poultry and By Products – The meat and poultry industry covers all the requirements for meat, poultry, pet food, wool, skins and hides.

Fresh and Frozen Seafood – The seafood industry manages all fresh, chilled and frozen seafood.

Agriculture – The agriculture industry includes fresh fruits, vegetables, and all agribusiness, grains, seeds, stock-feed and horticulture.

Dairy and Eggs – The dairy products and eggs industry manages eggs and a full range of dairy commodities such as cheese, milk powders, whey protein, butter, cream, yoghurt and ice cream- either bulk or packaged.

Frozen Prepared Foods – The frozen prepared foods industry includes all frozen prepared foods commodities. 

Fresh Juices and Frozen Concentrate – fresh juices and frozen concentrate industry covers all fresh juices and frozen concentrate commodities.

Confectionery Products – The confectionery products industry includes a full range of confectionery products.

Chemicals and Biological Products – The chemicals and biological products industry covers all chemicals and biological products.

Flowers and Live Plants – The flowers and live plants industry includes all flowers and live plants.

Each of the refrigerated and climate-controlled products is highly perishable and requires special handling to ensure that it arrives in optimum condition at its destination. Special handling can include proper post-harvest handling procedures, sanitation, pre-cooling, packaging, stowage, temperature management, air exchange, product compatibility, modified and controlled atmosphere.

Supply Chain Value-Added Services – IES offers the following value added services as required by customer:

  • Inspections and testing
  • Readying
  • Top loading merchandise for maximum container utilization
  • Processing reverse Logistics needs and diverted shipments
  • Demurrage settlements
  • Freight claims
  • Invoicing
  • Call center services
  • Inland distribution (road, rail, and barge) utilizing best available inbound and outbound domestic transportation methods.

Build-to-Order – Transforming parts into finished products to accommodate flexible customer orders and requirements. The finished products will be shipped to the final customer. An inventory point (to facilitate the start of the production run) can be strategically located at the start of the manufacturing process close to production.

Packing – Providing packing to present your goods to your customers and/or distributors in the best possible way. Packing services include design of outer/retail packing and sourcing of packing materials.

Repacking – Providing flexible and cost effective packing services to meet local markets demand. Most goods are shipped and stored in export packaging means but some requires a change in the packing configuration when goods are sold in local markets.

Assembly – Providing assembly services for displays the are essential to attract consumers in the retail channels of local markets.

Benefits of Packing Services – Creating economies of scale using buying power, local sourcing, reducing logistics costs, minimizing stock movements, and responding to demands from the local market with agility and efficiency.