Warehouse Services

Warehousing ServicesAs an integral part of our Global Logistics and end-to-end Supply Chain Solutions, International Express Shipping (IES) offers dedicated and shared-clien bonded warehousing facilities in racked or bulk configuration on a contract or short-term basis with a full range of customized distribution and management services. Tailored to help our customers improve their profit margins by meeting their Just-in-Time delivery requirements and reduce their on-hand inventory levels, without incurring higher transportation cost.

Our shared-client facilities are designed to meet the needs of organizations of any size including short & long term pallet storage, as well as carton storage, picking and packing, ratio packing, re-work, data management and inventory control. It also provides significant value to small businesses requiring distribution operations without long term investment, and to large companies handling seasonal excess or launching a new product.

The storage sharing system aligns manufacturers and retailers, with similar customer channels to reduce logistics costs by sharing overhead expenses and resources, such as space, labor, equipment and transport. Our customers benefit from synergies that significantly reduce overall supply chain costs. It also acts as cross-dock and merge-in-transit centers that ultimately speeds up delivery of your products to customers in the most reliable and cost effective manner possible.

Due to the different languages, cultures, rules and regulations, international trade can be complicated. IES uses a global network of storage facilities at key airport and seaport locations, each specialized in their local market. All storage activities take place in a safe, clean, neat and 24-hour close-circuit monitoring high security environment. We are able to offer you exceptional benefits by providing innovative Supply Chain solutions, tailored from a wide range of options:

Primary Warehousing and Distribution Services

Contract Warehousing – Provides dedicated and multi-user facilities to support finished goods distribution and manufacturing operations. Value-added and specialized services focused on the specific needs of a wide range of industries including:

  • Consumer-packaged goods
  • Vehicles/automotives
  • Consumer electronics/durables
  • Industrial equipment
  • Chemicals 

Deconsolidation – Flexible deconsolidation (and domestic consolidation) allows moving distribution decisions closer to demand and reduces facility costs by reducing inland transportation costs and/or distributing to multiple final destinations.

Pre-Distribution Management – Loading your products at point of origin, sorted by final destination requirements and ship directly to retail outlets by bypassing distribution centers, avoids and saves facility costs.

Merge-in-Transit – Creating merge facilities close to end-customer demand to improve delivery time and reduce domestic distribution costs. Facility design combined with customized IT system ensures inbound and outbound supply chains merge accurately and efficiently. Merge-in-transit is ideal for businesses that source finished components from multiple suppliers for build-to-order final assemblies and direct delivery to customers.

Vendor-Managed Inventory – Setting up specialized programs in distribution centers to allow manufacturers to buy on consignment, which also increases availability of parts and components. This allows our customers to pay only for what they use. It also frees capital normally required by excess inventory/stock. We assist suppliers with forecasting production, transportation management and distribution to better satisfy their customer orders while reducing total supply chain inventory.

Other Services

  • Receipt of goods including staging and control
  • Inventory/stock control and bar coding
  • Consolidation
  • Short or long-term warehousing
  • Immediate and timed-dispatch
  • Client interfacing
  • In-store logistics
  • Inspections (per client’s instructions)

Logistics Value-Added Services – A full range of customized distribution and management services offers great benefits including:

  • Import/export warehousing and distribution bonded facilities
  • General commodity handling and storage
  • Utmost care in handling and storing products
  • LIFO/FIFO inventory management system
  • Daily deliveries per Just-in-Time requirements
  • Container freight station
  • Container interchange services
  • Export freight consolidation
  • Domestic cargo routing
  • Goods receipt
  • Wood-grade warehouse
  • Vehicle loading
  • Boat/watercraf loading
  • Pick-and-pack
  • Packaging and crating
  • Block-and-brace
  • Industrial packaging
  • Re-packaging
  • Labeling
  • Wrapping
  • Cradle building
  • Marking and labeling
  • Picking and sorting
  • Cargo sampling
  • Palletizing and loading
  • Order picking
  • Sorting and kitting
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Shipping in and out of warehouse
  • Local drayage- pickup and delivery
  • Cross-docking
  • Trans-loading
  • Agency representation: invoicing, fiscal, processing, service center and more (in partnership)

Benefits to Our Customers – Creating economies of scale using buying power, local sourcing, reducing logistics costs, minimizing stock movements, and responding to demands from the local market with agility and efficiency.

  • Availability of low cost warehousing close to your customers
  • Establishing a buffer-zone between suppliers and customers that saves time and money
  • Consolidation point for those suppliers who make multi-plant shipments
  • Reducing on-hand inventory allowing better utilization of factory space
  • Reducing or eliminating costly rush shipments

We provide you with real-time inventory data without having to install any additional software or hardware. Our interactive web-based e-ShipExpress tracking system gives you the added confidence of knowing the precise status of inventory on hand, on hold, in transit and committed for orders – quickly, any time, all the time. This also enables suppliers and manufacturers to better plan production schedules, procure raw materials more efficiently, and achieve greater stability through consistent demand planning. We are committed to creating a smooth movement of products and information between suppliers, customers and all parties to a shipment.

Inventory Management

To maintain optimal inventory levels throughout the network across stores, distribution centers and plants, IES provides real-time inventory visibility and management tools to all parties to a shipment. We identify the services required for your project; then structure a matching package of services from menu of available options.

A wide variety of customized timely reports and documentation can be generated from real-time data- to better manage and forecast inventory/stock and shipment from origin to destination; such as material receipt, purchase order status, ready for shipment, shipment confirmation/documentation, shipping instructions, export packing-&-crating, carrier delivery instructions, carrier receipt and delivery, customs clearance, destination on-forwarding, etc.

Benefits to Our Customers

Accurate view and precise management of the inventory with the ability to characterize inventory by position, state, availability, and ownership; such as  backroom, display, shelf, new, damaged, allocated, available, vendor, customer, etc.

  • Reducing inventory costs by continuously optimizing your safety stock levels according to changes in demand instead of using fixed safety stock settings.
  • Better traceability of each and every item with instant tracking from shipping to receiving.
  • Better planning with visibility into the future inventory picture.

Packing & Crating  We offer a full-service packing and crating services to ensure transporting any commodity, regardless of size, weight or dimensions securely. Whether heavy equipment, large industrial, commercial, or household goods, our expert professionals can perform all your on-site or in-house crating and packing needs. We can handle custom packaging and crating with a variety of padding and wood crate protection options- as necessary to provide the ultimate in protection and reusability.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]